From video call to portfolio

Sometimes it starts with a video call, a visit or even an unexpected meeting, and leads to the establishment of a relationship between gallery and artist. We are open to all these channels and want to represent and support artists in their development and progress. We meet the artists, look at their art, we talk a lot and want to know what the artists think, to explore what their artistic motivations, inspirations, and goals are. 


We provide artist consultancy for the art business and promotion. Ask the galley director for more details. We are willing to support you. 

Exhibitions and Projects

Question of display

The goal of the gallery is to represent and to present the artist. Virtual space offers a unique opportunity to introduce, sell on a particular scale, and to promote artists and their creative output. Nevertheless, art is part of material culture and, therefore, needs to be seen as such as well. For that reason, the gallery is always looking for spaces to introduce and sell its artists' work in a non-virtual space. We will be collaborating with others and are open for collaborative projects for exhibitions and displays in the UK and abroad. Finally, we are looking to establish a permanent home in London and potentially also somewhere else.