Established in March 2019 in London WOLDT GALLERY represents modern and contemporary international artists. We are interested in all kinds of artworks, material, and media, however, the focus is on contemporary textile and fibre art.

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Gallery Director and Founder

Dr. phil. Isabella Woldt, Art Historian, and Scholar

Isabella holds a doctorate in art history from the University of Hamburg, she post-graduated also in the philosophy. She is a highly experienced researcher, she teaches in higher education, publishes as sole author and co-editor; she was a co-curator of the Metadata exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery 2018 in London, as a member of the international research group Bilderfahrzeuge at the Warburg Institute. The recent research project on tapestries, a research book on the theory of image memory and the processes of creativity (forthcoming) led to a closer relationship with artistic practice, materials, techniques and technologies of artistic production, but also with current theoretical discourses on art. This has evoked the idea to create and establish an art gallery and to progress with curatorial and research activities in textile and fibre art. And because art is a space-filling artifact, it doesn't exist without spacial surroundings. Therefore, the Gallery wants to progress in those architecture and space-related activities. 

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