Florian Witt


... I treat all aspects of a work with equal importance. The Canvas on which a picture is painted, the wall on which a work hangs color on a sculpture and the space in which it stands are materials are materials I work with. They influence each other bidirectionally - so they are only really finished when the exhibition has taken place. The situation is similar when it comes to finding a title. Like the painting ground is there mostly before the painting is there, a work can exist as a word before it even exists. It can also arise without any designation, the real one title then arises in conversation. ... Translation errors and changing Interpretation sovereignty feasts on the negotiability of reality. So it works also about what is written between the lines. From the so resulting misunderstandings and agreements. (Florian Witt)

Biography and Education:

*1990, Bremen (Germany)

Gebüsch (Bushes), 2022, acrylic spray paint oil pastel mdf, 130x80x80 cm (Detail)

2021 Diploma HFK (University of the Arts) Bremen; 2016 - 2021 Study of Fine Art HFK (University of the Arts) Bremen by Prof. Stephan Baumkötter (Painting), by Prof. Katrin von Maltzahn (Drawing and Painting); 2013 - 2016 Study Fine Art, AdbK (Academy of Fine Arts) Nürnberg by Prof. Thomas Hartmann (Painting); 2012 - 2013 Study of Philosophy and Sports, University of Bremen; 2011 - 2012 Carpentry Education ; 2021 Member of Verein23; 2019 Atelier am alten Güterbahnhof Bremen; 2016 Master student by Prof. Thomas Hartmann; The Pavilion Project, AdBK (Academy of Fine Arts) Nürnberg.

Stipends, Grands, Awards: 

2021 two artworks sold to Kunstsammlung Rheinland Pfalz; Kickstarter for graduates Culture Neustadt; 2020 Stipend and Grant Kultursenator Bremen; Raum aus und als Malgrund Kultursenator Bremen; 2019 Cleanik, Schlachte, Bremen; 2018 DAAD Stipend, University of Guelph (Canada).

Upcoming exhibitions: 

2022: Solo Emde Gallery, Mainz 

Art Library to go Rotterdam (Netherlands); Art Library to go Bremen; AAIP Halle (Saale, Germany); AAIP Tokyo (Japan); AAIP Vienna (Austria)); AAIP London (UK).

Solo and Double Exhibitions: 

2021 Holo_Grafik_Karte, Emde Gallery, Mainz; Dripclub offsite/ Gleishallen GBF, Bremen; ver-aus,zu;hin:vor. Tor 40, Bremen; 2018 bonhomie Zavitz Gallery, Guelph (Canada).

Group Shows: 

2021 Art Library to go Moitoya Gallery, Tokyo (Japan); Art Library to go Y3 Studio, Kobe (Japan); AAIP Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerpen (Belgium); big fungus offsite/ @solo_show, Internet; Sublit Galerie 149, Bremerhaven; Stereo 2 Spedition, Bremen; Discount Circa 106, Bremen; Playground FAQ, Bremen; AAIP Weserburg, Bremen; Kunst bis zum Ende Alte Cola-Fabrik, Bremen; 2020 Stereo 1 Atelier Boppstraße, Mainz; Rausprojekt #1 offsite/@raus.project, Hamburg; 2019 Montage am Dienstag Montagehalle HBK BS, Braunschweig; AAIP HFK Bremen, Bremen; 2018 say shibboleth Galerie oqbo, Berlin; 2018 say shibboleth Galerie oqbo, Berlin; Farbflut Festival Deichwand, Lemwerder; Hartbreaker auf AEG, Nürnberg; Bügelfeuerausstellung Spedition, Bremen; specialized studio Alexander Hall, Guelph (Canada); 2017 .Zip Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen; 2016 Kl. Hartmann Stellt aus Kunstverein Amberg, Amberg; Nie Solo Sein Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen; 2015 Ausstellungshalle AdBK Nürnberg, Nürnberg; Zu sechst zum Einen AdBK Nürnberg, Nürnberg; 2012 All you can Paint Freiraumgalerie, Halle (Saale); Farbtöne Freiraumgalerie, Halle (Saale).