Russell Jakubowski Sculptures

Us and Them, 2020

The notion of "Us and Them" is represented by monochrome recycled high density polyethylen. The 2 colours (of household waste plastic) were cut up, softened in my oven and then pressed together in a mould. Exactly the same material, but a visually destined and random distribution.

A simple, human profile: the "Us and Them" are one and the same - inseparably mixed. The only possible division coming from within. (Russell Jakubowski)

Recycled HDPE, 54.3x14.2cm.


If Kosh Was Right

The title of the work 'If Kosh Was Right' is perhaps a less than an obvious clue to the way I see this piece. Kosh, or more accurately Ambassador Kosh will be known to followers of Science Fiction. A character who, when asked for advice on interplanetary relations, simply replies "the truth points to itself" When I look at this work it seems to me to point to itself. Self-referential, it is hard to view any part of it and not see it all.

The form is all but symmetrical through every degree of one of its axes. But the other has direction. At one end is a plunger-like shape which might move in or out, at the other end is a concertina of diminishing or expanding rings bordered by a perforated form which itself might retract or extend. Does this part offer something or receive something? Does the plunger at the other end respond to this, or control this action? It's unclear. The spherical body of the piece could have expanded to contain something it gathered or it could house something to be expelled. The form is betwixt and between these two actions. It is not committed to either. Like Ambassador Kosh what it really offers is a moment of thought. A situation rather than a solution.

Made from laminated European timber. This sculpture has been assembled and shaped from individually made components and each part has been carefully made to fit closely with the other elements of the piece. The surface has been treated with a hard wearing floor varnish to preserve its finish and colour. The base of the sculpture is not flat, the work sits in a concave dip in the surface of the plinth.

Birch Faced Plywood – 50x39 cm –, May 2014 

Price: £ 3.100,00

Roll Out 

The bristle of new ideas on the move

Constructed from Polymerised Plaster – 26x26x19cm –, January 2016

Price: £ 639,00

Mutual Support 

Mutually supporting parts creating and holding a new structure together.

Both the apparent support structure and the supported shapes are made from one and the same material neither could/would exist without the other. 

Cast containing terracotta colour, two colours, dyed cement mix, made using a clay waste moulding technique – 47x39x10cm -, March 2017

Price: £ 1.305,00


wooden sculpture, 80x55x16 cm


Wall mounted 

Resistance is Not Futile 

This piece concerns the struggle to organise or contain something. The void spaces represent a missing part of the structure that may have acted as a restraint. As these elements are indeed 'missing' the flowing mass might be seen to be free to flow on. The work was exhibited with a brief narrative - "If your efforts come to nothing, you will at least leave a space where you were"

PVC – cut by hand – wall-mounted, – 110 x 71 x 0,5cm –, August 2012

Price: £ 725.00


PVC – cut by hand – wall-mounted, – 88 x 65 x 0,5cm, August 2012

Price: £ 710.00


Red Orbits

Made from 65 individual acrylic components and held in place by stainless steel rods.

Imagined profiles of energetic orbital paths are arranged from one end to the other. Each one is asymmetrical, varies in distance from the centre and returns to a tight curve around the core. The core gathers up and anchors these red trajectory forms into a column of imaginary traces of effort and activity.

A way of looking at this is like an axis of time extending from top to bottom through the assembled layers with effort described on a lateral plane extending away from it. Like a three-dimensional graph. Viewed as a whole this can be seen as a snapshot of efforts through time, with everything else stripped away so that only a skeleton of activity remains. 

Acrylic and Stainless Steel - 25 x 19cm (approximately) - December 2018, Edition of 4 

Price: £ 600,00 Online store

Replacement Part

My question is - what part does this replace? This is a small object, it could fit inside me. It's very new, shiny and it looks supercharged.

Acrylic, Stainless Steel and Soft Plastic – 14.5 x 9.4 cm –, 2018, Edition of 4

Price: £ 450,00 Online store

Double Cross

A Black container serves to house a variety of inner forms which "test" each others presence in the space created by the double cross experience.

Acrylic (bonded and polished) – 14.3 x. 9.3 x. 5.8 cm –, December 2018, Edition of 4

Price:  £ 450,00 Online store