La  Bicha


The word "Bicha" on its feminine form refers to an animal/woman hybrid creature and it's also used in a superstitious way referring to the devil and bad omens. My version of this myth Character has an innocent soul and remind us of the dark aspects of our psyche and make us confront our own fears. 

Materials: Merino wool and vintage ceramic headpieces and wooden base

Size: 54 x 23 x 54 cm

Technique: Needle felting and ceramic assembled pieces  

Price: POA


Tártaro's Journey
Materials: Hand dyed merino wool and ceramic headpieces. Size: 75 x 21 x 33 cm
Technique: Needle felting and assembled pieces

Tártaros Journey takes its name from a toy horse character of a short story written by Leonora Carrington "La Dama Oval". I find in my sculptures many similarities with Leonora's work, those round shapes, gradient colors, and weird proportions, as well as her taste for the surreal and fantasy. The figure of the horse has always been present in Leonora's work and like from an early age. When I was creating this piece I had just read "La dama Oval". Although Tártaro is not a direct representation of the horse in the story, it inspired the creation of this work. We can see here resemblances of mythology, fantasy, and surreal literature and imagery. Although I don't necessarily plan my piece ahead, these ideas are in my sub-conscious and they become real into shapes we can recognize, even if they're not absolutely accurate or similar to the real world. In this case, a four-legged animal carrying a small childlike creature. Tártaro has a smaller figure attached to the back both with closed eyes, this can have many readings: faith, love, companionship or innocence are concepts represented here, but also confusion, uncertainty in life journey and the idea of feeling lost.

Price: POA