Nathalie Edwards

About the artist

Nathalie Edwards is a British-born self-taught ceramic artist based between London & France where she has her own ceramics studio. Nathalie has a background in art & design with a Hons Degree in Interior Architecture & Design.

What she states about her art:

For me, the art of making is an expression of my feminine aspect; a place to be quiet and tune into my inner world. A place to release suppressed emotions, to 'be' and create, away from the 'doing' of modern life. My current body of works 'The Goddess Collection', is an evolving collection of work celebrating the feminine essence in bodily form. The collection started as a response to my isolation during the pandemic I was inspired by a beautiful female torso sculpture that my daughter had made me some years previously. I started to create female forms myself, quickly realising that I was creating Goddess sculptures, their forms carrying with them an ancient resonance from a previous time. Each form embodied the divine feminine, each coming to being with her own energy and unique form, arriving without conscious effort to be different from the previous.