Nathalie Rey stuffed animals

The Igloo of Barneo 

Stuffed animals sewed on fabric fixed on metallic structure – 90 x ⌀160 cm –, 2019

The Igloo of Barneo is born of the need of creating a monster in the image of the unrest and fears of the contemporary society and fulfills its cathartic function through the image of the house and shelter. In fact, it appears as a kind of antithesis of Millennium Monster II, the latter being threatening when the first is reassuring. However, the Igloo of Barneo comes together with its modern fable, no less absurd. With these random searches of mine on the Internet, which make me travel through a storm in the Pacific in the 90s to a concentration camp on the outskirts of Paris after the Second World War, I recently got to the Russian camp of Barneo in the North Pole. This scientific base works above all as a tourist destination for millionaires looking for adventure and includes some heated tents with wifi and an airstrip on a piece of ice floe (Nathalie Rey about "The Igloo of Barneo")

Price: £ 7.550,00

Composition with stuffed animals remains IV

Fabric and stuffed animals remains sewed on 3 canvas – 146 x 345 cm–, 2019

Price: £ 3.800,00 

Millennium Monster I

Stuffed animals sewed together and painted wood base – 127 x 75 x 75 cm –, 2018

Price: £ 5.400,00

Millennium Monster II (Meteorite)

Stuffed animals sewed together on metallic wire – 90 x 80 x 140 cm –, 2018

Price: £ 7.000,00

Tetris (Bye Bye Kitty)

Acrylic and stuffed animals sewed on canvas – 92 x 41,5 cm–, 2017 

Price: £ 1.500,00 

Without title n° 9 (Milky Way)

Acrylic and stuffed animals sewed on canvas – 100 x 81 cm –, 2017

Price: £ 1.500,00

Without title n° 8 (Stars Fall)

Acrylic and stuffed animal sewed on canvas – 100 x 81 cm –, 2017

Price: £ 1.500,00

Without title n°5

Acrylic and stuffed animals sewed on canvas – 30 x 30 cm –, 2017

Price: £ 300,00   Online store

Without title n°1

Stuffed animals sewed on canvas – 41 x 33 cm –, 2017

Price: £ 365,00    Online store