Marta Corada, Winter Tale 

"...when the snow melts a new hopeful period is yet to come" (Marta Corada)

Photomontage, 2019, 120 x 120 cm

"Winter Tale is my last photomontage, created in 2019. The photograph describes a winter London scene full of symbolism. It has been created from images taken by myself but also using photographs from the internet, purchased photos and images taken from other resources. Some of the elements we find here are related to death and transition periods in our lives: someone's belongings found in the street at the centre of the image remind us of a house that has been emptied, a human arm can be found in the bottom corner, close to a winter bird that symbolises wisdom in transition periods, while a fox, an opportunistic animal, crosses the image. A bunch of crows is eating a dead rabbit behind the trash, some blood coming from the wall of snow evokes an unsettling feeling... life is full of mystery and death is part of it, when the snow melts a new hopeful period is yet to come." 

Price: £ 3.190,00

Signed, dated, and numbered by the artist

Framed in white 

Russell Jakubowski 

new artwork

Brexit (movement in yellow and blue)

Excellent new artwork by 


Brexit (movement in yellow and blue), 

2019, Sculpture made by yellow and blue perspex and stainless steel - 27.7cm x 27.7cm x 19.4cm

Russell combines yellow and blue perspex to visualise his ideas of unity and division. He calls it Brexit - but it is not necessary that we interpret it just politically, but the complex structure could be recognised as socio-mechanical. Russell's work always seems to combine future-oriented mechanical structures while still being anchored in our current time. It is our pursuit forwards while we are here today. Anchored in complicated connections, we want independence, but how can one break these units apart so that the system does not collapse.

movement is unique artwork made of a sensitive material with the highest precision 

Price: P.O.A. - contact the gallery

communion, 2019

Russell Jakubowski's video produced while he was working on Brexit - sculpture

© Russell Jakubowski

tête-à-tête, 2019

Russell produced another short video while he was working on Brexit - sculpture, both visualise ideas about dialogue

© Russell Jakubowski

Zelene Schlosberg, Apparatus, 14 x 22 x 14 cm, thread and found stone, 2018



with artworks by Marta Corada / MeiMei, Russell Jakubowski, Nathalie Rey and Zelene Schlosberg

date and location coming!

Russell Jakubowski 

Mr. Motivator, Sculpture 

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Price: P.O.A 

All artworks presented by the gallery are unique and hold certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery. 

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