Zelene Schlosberg, Apparatus, 14 x 22 x 14 cm, thread and found stone, 2018



with artworks by Marta Corada / MeiMei, Russell Jakubowski, Nathalie Rey and Zelene Schlosberg

date and location coming!

The artist MeiMei is talking about her artistic productions and surrealistic sculptures in wool and porcelain

22 min. video created during the gallery art show, 31. August 2019 

The artist MeiMei about the sculpture "La Bicha"

6min. video clip, 31 August 2019

Russell Jakubowski CANDY BREATHER,  Sculpture, 48 x 31.5 x 15.8 cm, Birch Faced Plywood - vernished Thermoforming Plastic Beads + Mirror Sculpture 

1min. video

Artworks are real objects. We understand that you want to see them before you decide to purchase. Until we present the works in an exhibition, we also offer you, if you are interested in a particular artwork from the gallery and want to view it, that you let us know, and we arrange a private view to present it to you.


Zelene Schlosberg 

Artwork Series                                           

ECF1 , thread and stones on canvas, 25.5 x 25.5 x 2.5 cm

Price: POA

Interim Landscapes


In many of these pieces, the presentation of canvas on a wall is upended, as the art materials themselves take center stage, combined with a quasi-mystical element underscored by the neutral color palette - mostly white, really. Rolled bits of canvas produce an uncanny effect, with immediate references to slugs, wine corks, or even a toilet paper rolls. But the capricious element is secondary to the more primary concern of unmasking something elemental, about the practice of art and beyond.

Tetris (Bye Bye Kitty)

Acrylic and stuffed animal sewed on canvas - 92 x 41.5 cm - 2017

Price: £ 1.500,00


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