Nathalie Rey 

Stuffed Animals 

Sculptures and Installations

   Friday 21 – Saturday 22 FEBRUARY, 2020 

opening times:

11.30am – 6.30pm

(and by appointment)

Our gallery artist Nathalie Rey will present for the first time in London her stuffed animals artworks. It is a pleasure to introduce Nathalie, who lives and works in Barcelona, to the London audience and collectors. 

private view Friday, 21. Feb. 2020, 6-8pm

Please join us for the event!

  WOLDT GALLERY at The Exhibitionist Hotel, Garden Room, 8–10 Queensberry Pl, 

London SW7 2EA, South Kensington 

Public transport: Underground station: South Kensington
For car drivers: Union Car Park in 31-36 Harrington Road London, SW7 3ND

Please book admission due to limited space early!

Nathalie Rey, Untitled No 13, 2017, Stuffed animals sewed on canvas

The stuffed animals as in her artwork Untitled No 13 are witnesses, stores and mediators above all of our infantile emotions. They become friends and companions, convey and suggest feelings, attraction, warmth, they are the recipients of love but also of anger and dissatisfaction. Sometimes, looking at them as an adult, the memories and experience wake up. The submerged, seemingly forgotten, becomes alive again. Above all, the tactility of the material, but also the roundish, utter, fairy-tale forms, as they were attractive for children, they attract us again and let the thoughts again become lively.

Nathalie processes the material in the sense in which we process our experiences and emotions, she decomposes them to re-connect them, they are condensed and piled up. They are deliberately destroyed, to experience new form, new life, but also to overcome the sources of fear in connection with new experience..

The canvas with the stuffed part become the projection screen of these processes when Nathalie fragments the stuffed animals and place parts of them on the canvas.

The forms reflect the psychological processing of our thoughts: We remember, reconstruct, deconstruct and recreate in these processes. But above all we condense the thoughts and the experience, especially those of fears, vicinity and relationships, – we displace them to revive them. 

Nathalie's work embraces and expresses a macroscopic view of us and our actions by critically examining global fears, which are always the fears of each one as we contemplate the old stuffed animal of our childhood. The textile appears as our memory.

Gallery Lecture

Textile Strategies in Arts and Fashion

Our gallery lectures are devoted to research, history, theory and practice in art. For the first lecture 
Dr. Isabella Woldt, the gallery director and researcher will be speaking about research in textile art.

Thursday, 12 March, 2020, 6-8pm
Location: Garden Room, The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8–10 Queensberry Pl, London SW7 2EA, South Kensington

Image: Gustav Klimt, The black hat, 1910, Private Collection (PD)

Russell Jakubowski 

new artwork

Brexit (movement in yellow and blue)

Excellent new artwork by 


Brexit (movement in yellow and blue), 

2019, Sculpture made by yellow and blue perspex and stainless steel - 27.7cm x 27.7cm x 19.4cm

Russell combines yellow and blue perspex to visualise his ideas of unity and division. He calls it Brexit - but it is not necessary that we interpret it just politically, but the complex structure could be recognised as socio-mechanical. Russell's work always seems to combine future-oriented mechanical structures while still being anchored in our current time. It is our pursuit forwards while we are here today. Anchored in complicated connections, we want independence, but how can one break these units apart so that the system does not collapse.

movement is unique artwork made of a sensitive material with the highest precision 

Price: P.O.A. - contact the gallery

communion, 2019

Russell Jakubowski's video produced while he was working on Brexit - sculpture

© Russell Jakubowski

tête-à-tête, 2019

Russell produced another short video while he was working on Brexit - sculpture, both visualise ideas about dialogue

© Russell Jakubowski

Zelene Schlosberg, Apparatus, 14 x 22 x 14 cm, thread and found stone, 2018



with artworks by Marta Corada / MeiMei, Russell Jakubowski, Nathalie Rey and Zelene Schlosberg

date and location coming!

Russell Jakubowski 

Mr. Motivator, Sculpture 

Contact the gallery for more details

Price: P.O.A 

All artworks presented by the gallery are unique and hold certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery. 

Artworks are real objects. We understand that you want to see them before you decide to purchase. Until we present the works in an exhibition, we also offer you, if you are interested in a particular artwork from the gallery and want to view it that you let us know, and we arrange a private view to present it to you. 



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