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Marta Corada /MeiMei

Bridge at the Century Park (bubbles), 2014, Photomontage

Price: £ 2.690,00 (available in Online sales)

Tártaro, 2018, Sculpture 

Price: POA 


The earthly caught in myths, lifted to us in the world of humans. They are the characters of the narrative. The wool spoils the eye and raises the feeling. Her eyes look at you attentively, or they sleep and you ask what dream she's busy with right now.

The thought runs behind the soap bubble, – the dream is exhausted when the eyes open and flies like a soap bubble which escapes with the wind under the pressure of the worldly powers.

Floating Beings, drawing

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If Kosh Was Right, 2014, wooden sculpture

Price: £ 3.100,00 

Mutual Support, 2017, sculpture, terracotta colour, two colours, dyed cement mix

Price: £ 1.350,00

Resistance Is Not Futile, 2012, wall mounted sculpture, pvc but by hand

Price: £ 725,00 (available in Online sales)

            Thinking Words

Thoughts put into words and translated into visually tangible forms establish the tactility of the world. Pointed and stretched, condensed and tied together, they transform into the organ of visual practice. 

Millennium Monster II (Meteorite), 2018, sculpture on stuffed animals

Price: POA


They capture the moment of reflection. Their material reaches into the deepest motives of emotional memory.

Dammed, fallen, glued, squeezed, – they also throw the ego back and recall the past in the present. The stuffed animals of life, absorb the catastrophes and keep their image for the future, become the material of ambivalence and hope. 

Tas n° 14, 2014, acrylic on canvas

Price: £ 2.885,00

Without title n°9 (Fukushima), 2016, pencil and acrylic on paper

Price: £ 582,00 (available in Online sales)